Rent A Fishing Buddy!

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Rent A Fishing Buddy for an INCREDIBLE Fishing Trip!

Why Rent a Fishing Buddy?

We’ve all had fishing trips we wanted to take but couldn’t for lack of a partner. Sometimes they are one-day trips close to home. Other times they are weeks-long expeditions to exotic locations. Rent a Fishing Buddy is always ready to go fishing with you!

rent a fishing buddy

For a reasonable fee, just invite Rent a Fishing Buddy to accompany you.

What you get:
-an honest, intelligent, educated, healthy, active, experienced, and skilled angler;
-a partner with a sense of adventure, superb credentials, impeccable references, and  a great sense of humor.

Rent A Fishing Buddy‘s Qualifications-

-USCG Licensed Charter Boat Captain since 1987 specializing in sight fishing with fly and light tackle for tarpon, redfish, seatrout, snook, and more.
-Seasonal guide at Alaska’s Goodnews River Lodge for seven seasons, at Alaska’s Lodge at Whale Pass for two.
-Federation of Fly Fishers Certified Fly Casting Instructor since 1993.
-Lifelong fly tyer.
-A lifetime of fishing experience in fifteen states and ten countries; 75 different species.
-Hundreds of fishing articles and eight fishing books published.
-Boating competencies include outboard and outboard jet, inboard jet, oars, pushpole, and all manner of paddle craft.
-A skilled photographer who will capture those once-in-a-lifetime moments.
-Rent a Fishing Buddy does not smoke and uses alcohol very sparingly.
-Certified by the American Heart Association in First Aid and CPR.
-Bachelor of Science, University of Massachusetts, 1980.

Rent a Fishing Buddy does his best to make sure your wishes are met and you have the trip of a lifetime.

To learn what we get please see our Rates and Terms and Conditions pages. To see our references and testimonials, click here.

rent a fishing buddy

Rent a Fishing Buddy is the best fishing buddy you’ve never had! Call John Kumiski at 407.977.5207 today for more information!