References and Testimonials

Rent a Fishing Buddy’s References and Testimonials

rent a fishing buddy

Capt. Mike Gorton, Owner, Goodnews River Lodge
Bob Stearns, Outdoor Writer and Author
Capt. Rodney Smith, Anglers for Conservation
Mark Nichols, Owner, DOA Lures
Tom Mitzlaff, Owner, Solo Skiffs
Capt. Rick DePaiva
Don Causey
Dr. George Yarko
Kendall Shannon
Scott Radloff
Jack Radloff

“Our fishing trip to the Keys turned out to be a wonderful experience for the both of us. We became good friends as a result. One of the very nice benefits of having John on the trip was his list of resources. He knows guides!
“I had a great time with John, establishing a lifetime friendship.” -Dalen Mills

“You could not ask for a better fishing buddy! John is a skilled and knowledgeable angler and every trip with him turns out to be the best trip so far. I don’t know how the man continues to outdo himself every time, but somehow he does. He’s always up for the next challenge, the next adventure, no matter what it is. There just isn’t a better fishing buddy anywhere.” -Tammy Wilson

Rent a Fishing Buddy is the best fishing buddy you’ve never had! Call John Kumiski at 407.977.5207 today for more information!