Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

rent a fishing buddy

-Rent a Fishing Buddy will incur no expenses for the duration of the trip. All expenses are the responsibility of the renting angler(s), here after referred to as the Angler. The trip begins as soon as Rent a Fishing Buddy walks out his front door. It does not end until he is safely back at home.

-While Rent a Fishing Buddy may express his opinions on what the best course of action for any situation may be, the final decision is always the Angler’s. As long as the activity is reasonable and safe in the eyes of Rent a Fishing Buddy he will participate with good humor.

-Rent a Fishing Buddy is not a maid, butler, personal assistant, or fishing guide, but rather an equal partner in all activities. He will assist and educate the Angler with technical expertise as needed. The Angler should count on learning quite a bit about fishing.

-For international fishing trips the Angler will take care of all visas, travel stamps, innoculations, and other expenses. Rent a Fishing Buddy has an up-to-date passport.

-Also for international fishing trips, the Angler will supply Rent a Fishing Buddy with international emergency medical evacuation insurance, available through Frontier Medex.

Rent a Fishing Buddy is the best fishing buddy you’ve never had! Call John Kumiski at 407.977.5207 today for more information!